faust_mckenzie (faust_mckenzie) wrote,

Poetry is Dead! Long live poetry!

A new lit mag called Poetry is Dead launched their first issue this Sunday. I wrote an essay about the rise of spoken word, an extended version of my drunken response to Betsy Warland. And "Dear Sasquatch" was published as well, just in time for the Olympics.

The party, though, that's what really has me excited about this crew. They throw a great party. The Grace Gallery was packed! It probably helps that they each work for a bunch of magazines, including Geist, Narwhal, Sad Mag, Megaphone, Adbusters, and others. These folks know how to get the word out.

I closed out the readings with a performance of "Dear Sasquatch", which slayed. I was telling Natalie Gray (an awesome poet also published in PID) afterward that, really, we don't need to write new material, just find new audiences. I can't wait to break out "Donair Daze" on an audience like that, the full ten minute version. I can't wait to break out RC Weslowski on a crowd like that, the full Duchamp version. To quote my ex-gf, they will shit their minds.
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