faust_mckenzie (faust_mckenzie) wrote,

More Artistic Yelling For Drunk People

I had a great time featuring at the Victoria Poetry Slam last week. So much poetry enthusiasm in that city. I stayed withmagpieulysses, poured wine from broken-neck bottles through tea strainers into tumblers, and hammered out some fine lyric gold. 

The feature set was great. Magpie was hosting. She couldn't think of anything to embarrass me with for the introduction, so I did it myself. You know how when you get nervous, you get clammy hands. Well, I get clammy ass cheeks. True story. After that, I broke into "In The Name Of" (aka "Crusades Take Two"), ending with Let's get drunk and rowdy with poetry! which I didn't plan to say, but summed up the mood of the evening. The rest of the set went swimmingly.

fyi, Quatchi Clearance at London Drugs!
Tags: setlist
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