faust_mckenzie (faust_mckenzie) wrote,

New Word Needed

I've identified a lexical gap in the English language, and I need your help to bridge it.

Fill in your suggestion to the linguistic equation below, if there are enough good answers, I'll put together a poll and we'll vote in a winner.

A lack of literacy is illiteracy.

A lack of orality is ....

My recent focus on these two terms comes from reading Walter Ong's Orality & Literacy this summer, a book recommended to me by Jack McCarthy and Bob Holman independently of each other.

Orality is the practice of the oral tradition. All spoken word poets are well-versed in orality. Some page poets are too, but many are... unoral? ... mute? My suggestions don't quite work. I bet you have something better in mind. Let's hear it.
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